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Monthly Archives: July 2018

26 07, 2018
  • bristol bay fishing

Week 4: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018


The weather is now as unpredictable as the bears here at our Bristol Bay fishing lodge. We have rainy days, sunny days, windy days, and sometimes all three of those at once. We have bears swimming up to boats, bears hunting alongside the river where we are fishing, bears walking through camp, and bears mostly just being bears. Guests keep coming, and the guests keep going.

19 07, 2018
  • alaska fishing

Week 3: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018


There were days that the whole gang lined a bank and fished together. Old friends and strangers alike with fishing as the common denominator. It was sad to see everyone go. As is lodge life, though, when one plane leaves, there’s another plane landing at the dock with brand new guests and brand new Alaska fishing adventures waiting.

12 07, 2018
  • alaska fishing trips

Week 2: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018


The loons call back and forth across the river. The gulls call. There are no sounds of traffic, no honking horns, no loud music, and no commercials blaring from televisions. The only sounds are the soft hum of the generator, the occasional seaplane flying over, and boats going up and down the river with the sporadic scream of an excited angler who has hooked into another fish of a lifetime.

5 07, 2018
  • salmon fishing in alaska

Week 1: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018


Wednesday also brought the biggest king salmon of the lodge to date this season as well as the first king salmon on-fly. The largest king salmon of the week came in on Tammy’s boat, weighing 25 pounds, while the first caught on-fly came from our latest guest Thorsten from Germany, guided by Glen.