Fishing Gear

In Bristol Bay, the fish returning to spawn are tough, they have to be to survive, so it’s important to have high quality equipment.

The lodge can provide fishing equipment for your visit or you can provide your own.

Casting gear is used pretty much exclusively for King fishing.  The rods are relatively short, stiff and strong.  The reels are large enough to hold lots of heavy line and provide substantial stopping power.  We do not want a King lost due to equipment failure.

The spinning rods and reels are used by those who do not want to use fly rods.  The rods are flexible enough to provide a good cast yet strong enough to stand up to the strongest Chum or silver.  The spinning reels are open bail and of good quality.   The line is heavy to ensure a fish is not lost due to line failure.

Most of our fly fishing clients bring their own fly rods and reels. We provide quality rods and reels for those who do not bring their own.  Over the years we have accumulated several brands and the various weights from 10 down to 6.   We rig our reels with floating or shooting head lines and use loop multi-head connections to adapt quickly to the ever changing fishing conditions.

These two handed fly casting rods are becoming increasingly popular.  The reels are rigged with specialized shooting heads designed for spey rod use. They are very useful on the Alagnak river due to their ability to handle windy conditions and deliver weighted flies and lines long distances with a minimum expenditure of effort.  We have a limited number of these for client use and instruction.  They can be used for fly fishing for Kings using a heavy sinking head.  They are frequently used to great advantage in fishing for Chums.

We provide a wide range of terminal tackle (lures, spoons, spinners, jigs, flies and whatever.)   Some of our clients bring their own, but that is not necessary.  Part of the fun is experimenting with all kinds of terminal tackle to see what is working at that time in that place.  We have all the tried and proven yet are flexible enough to experiment a bit.  We have a pretty well stocked fly tying area where both clients and guides create the next hot fly.