Our Mission

Our shared mission is to provide the Alaska wilderness lodge experience our clients desire.

We respect that we are in the wilderness and we act consistently to minimize our impact on our environment.  We are caretakers of our land and we co-exist with the wildlife.

We understand our guests are on vacation and want to enjoy themselves and have a memorable experience.  Some want to catch many fish, to others this is not as important.  Everyone seems to enjoy the abundant wildlife and the relative isolation and tranquility of the river.  Our time on the river is designed to spend the time doing what the clients want to do.

Our heritage and culture is first that of a traditional fishing camp, but we understand our clients want a certain level of proficiency in the supporting hotel and restaurant functions.

We try to handle your reservation process from start to finish so there is a minimum of client anxiety.  Our pricing is all inclusive, we clearly define what is not included and we give an option to pre-pay tips.  We are clear and consistent with our pricing adjustments.  We give discounts for client loyalty, groups of over 4, more than 2 in a boat and encourage non fishing spouses and children with a large discount.  We will also guarantee one to a boat with a reasonable extra charge.

We seek out and act on client desires in multiple ways. We listen carefully to the input from the guests and implement many of the suggestions we receive.

We run the lodge for the clients.  We allow our clients to set the length of their stays and their dates of arrival and departure.  The clients can choose which of  two of the three daily sessions to be with the boat and guide on the river.

Client satisfaction is our mission.