Week 2: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

The loons call back and forth across the river. The gulls call. There are no sounds of traffic, no honking horns, no loud music, and no commercials blaring from televisions. The only sounds are the soft hum of the generator, the occasional seaplane flying over, and boats going up and down the river with the sporadic scream of an excited angler who has hooked into another fish of a lifetime. A person can hear the sound of the wind moving blades of grass here on the tundra and the occasional sound of rain hitting the roof or the hood of your rain jacket. A dinner bell rings at noon and six. No phones ring. No texts beep through. No notifications of a new email. The silence will be difficult to give up once it is time to return to reality. Alagnak Lodge has solidified itself as one of the premier Alaska fishing trips.


Salmon Fishing

The fishing improved significantly this week as the sockeye salmon run continues to improve. The king salmon have started coming in from the ocean in more significant numbers and sizes. Gone are the days of just getting a few jacks.

Glenn has been guiding Thorsten to several king salmon on the fly, as was their goal. The two of them have gotten the process dialed in. They have had several double-digit days, which is unheard of on this part of the river on the fly. Thorsten has been here for a week, with his goal of catching a king salmon over 28 inches on the fly. On Tuesday, he saw that become a reality. Thorsten cannot say enough great things about Glenn. The final count is 14 kings landed on-fly, seven sockeyes on the fly, a chum salmon, and a whitefish. Great bag! Hats off to Glenn for working so hard to make it happen for his client and to Thorsten for accomplishing his goal. We never give up on our Alaska fishing trips!

John and Jamie finished their week with Hans and Georg, as they landed and released several king salmon in the 20-pound range. Their time here was well-spent, and John and Jamie did an excellent job leading the pair to a good trip on the Alagnak River. As they flew out, our next group flew in.

Biggest Bag of the Season

The Crump, Smith, and Spatz group have been with us for a few days now. Their first trip out saw the biggest bag of the season, so far, with the Smiths landing a 25, 20, and 10-pound king salmon during their first session out with Tammy. Richard led his group to a nice 18 pounder on their first day, and Chad took over the lead briefly with the lodge-best for the season with a 26-pound king landed on day two of their visit. Day four saw Chad, Tammy, and Glenn leading all of the groups to limits and many large kings released during the afternoon session. Chad also holds the current lodge record for the season with a 71-pound bag for one session. Impressive!

Day three brought a new season best to the lodge with Dean Spatz landing a beautiful chrome 32-pound salmon fresh from the ocean, complete with sea lice. That should be beaten this upcoming week easily. Chad and Tammy and Glenn also put their clients on a 20-pound class king salmon as well as a few smaller ones.

Dockeye Run

The staff has been busy with the “Dockeye” run between trips,  allowing some well needed time off fun for the crew. Buffoonery ensues. The Barbie rod has been broken out, and several of the guide staff has landed trophy sockeye salmon or ten while using it. It’s true what they say about our Alaska fishing trips: the fish really do come to you!