Week 3: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

Week three brought the bears. The bears came because of the fish. The fish brought many new guests. It was a busy week for the staff, guests, and even the fish at the Alagnak Lodge. Everyone kept Wayne busy back at the smokehouse. The 2018 Alaska fishing season is well underway!

Six Longtime Friends

Bob, Cleo, Dick, Angie, John, and Zoe, six longtime friends from the Dakotas, have arrived. Dan and Carol from Alaska showed up, and Steve brought his grandson Thomas for a couple of days to celebrate Thomas’ graduation. Everyone caught fish, and the lodge was full of happy chatter. New friends were made, stories shared, and phone numbers and email addresses exchanged among both guests and staff. As always, the team was up to the task.

The North Dakotans had a week of great fun and big fish. There were sockeye, chum, and king salmon in the river, and there was a bit of rainbow fishing thrown in as well. Kings in the 20-25 pound range were caught all week long. Everyone caught as many chums as they desired and their guides Chad, John, and Tammy made sure that they had no shortage of fun. They also brought in the largest one-session bag of kings the lodge has seen so far this year.

A Buzzer Beater

Dan and Carol from Alaska came because their local fishery for king salmon has been closed now for seven years. Jamie made sure to get them on the kings, chums, and all of the sockeyes they wanted. They had a great week, ending with a 27-pound king salmon buzzer beater at the end of their Alaska fishing trip, which is the fish of the week at Alagnak Lodge.

Glenn had a fly rod in Thomas’ hand the first day, and the chum salmon provided him with all of the excitement he desired. All he wanted was to learn to cast a fly rod and catch a couple of fish with it. He caught sockeyes, chums, and a couple near trophy-sized rainbow trout. When he was getting bored with that, Glenn put a switch rod in his hands, and Thomas proceeded to catch more fish.

Old Friends and Strangers Alike

There were days that the whole gang lined a bank and fished together. Old friends and strangers alike with fishing as the common denominator. It was sad to see everyone go. As is lodge life, though, when one plane leaves, there’s another plane landing at the dock with brand new guests and brand new Alaska fishing adventures waiting.