2018 Alagnak Lodge Season Summary

Bristol Bay AlaskaThis year the Alagnak Lodge, near Bristol Bay, Alaska, fluidly transitioned to a brand new staff and implemented innovative approaches to improve the client experience at the lodge. We started by hiring experienced guides who are all superbly skilled and passionate anglers from all across the United States. We gave them ample time to be on the river to learn from each other as they developed teamwork and effective methods to ensure fishing success for all. They even reached out to the guides from our neighboring on-river lodges to foster cooperation on the Alagnak.

Consistently Good Fishing Weather

The Alagnak Lodge benefited greatly from consistently good fishing weather throughout most of the fishing season. Almost all of our clients were quickly able to fill their 50-pound boxes throughout the productive summer – the catching was as good as the fishing! As a bonus, we were surprised to find that a large number of our native rainbow trout have grown to be 18-26 inches. These beauties stayed in the lower river even after the salmon run became strong.

A Clear Shot into the River for sockeye and kings

The sockeye salmon arrived later than predicted, and the run was slow in developing. The commercial drift and set-net boats were not allowed to fish in the Kvichak-Alagnak section from July 5-13. This gave the sockeye and king salmon a clear shot into the river as the chums (which we started calling tiger salmon) grew in numbers. The chums provided a lot of action as they always do.

The Exceptional Silver Run

The silver and pink salmon arrived on schedule at the start of August. The silver run was larger than usual, but the pink and chum runs were below average. Our clients were catching equal numbers of silvers, pinks, and chums through the first three weeks of August. The end of August was all about the exceptional silver run on the Alagnak River near Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Always Adapting and Improving

Bristol Bay AlaskaWe were able to implement many client suggestions and improvements this year, and others will happily be implemented next year. This year we cleared a lot of clutter and gained a lot of usable space.  The configuration of the lodge will remain generally unchanged next year, but there will be numerous minor improvements.   We want to ensure that we’re providing a wide variety of delicious, high-quality meals for our clients and staff.  Therefore high on the list for next year will be the creation of a menu that’s filled with specific dishes to be served at the buffet at predetermined times. 

Mesmerizing 2018 Video

Steve Wood and Steve Porchet, clients and video-production professionals, have completed their terrific 2018 video for the lodge available on the home page of our web-site. This video, which centers on the extensive client experience at Alagnak Lodge, will help our clients relive their experience and share the unique lodge experience with their circle of friends. We sincerely appreciate the referrals we have received in the past, and we hope to continue to receive them annually!

Bristol Bay Alaska

Now Accepting 2019 Reservations

We are now accepting reservations for 2019.  If you want to make a reservation to fish with us in 2019, sooner would be better than later. Dial 1-808-227-9301, e-mail Tony[email protected] or visit our website to book yet another unforgettable journey into the vast Alaskan Wilderness here in the Bristol Bay, Alaska, region.