Alagnak Lodge Is Ready for Our First Guests

bristol bay lodgeOn June 5 our set-up crew arrived to assess the situation and set up at our Bristol Bay lodge for the upcoming fishing season. Fortunately, there was no significant damage to the property, but many time-consuming problems were resulting from an improper shutdown the previous fall. The new crew did a fantastic job of working through the issues and soon had all the major systems functioning. They have continued making steady progress and now have the lodge ready for the arrival of the remaining staff on June 28. We should have the finishing touches completed by the arrival of our first guests on July 1.

On the fun side, the crew has been fishing and catching boatloads. They managed to reel in several rainbow trout in the 20 to 24-inch class. The rainbows are beautiful! We currently know where they are hiding out in the lower river (at least until the salmon arrive). Speaking of salmon, about 15 adult king salmon have been caught in the tidal waters. These are early kings, but at least some of them are here already. We hear a good number of sockeye salmon are gathering in the bay and could come in any day now. We prefer they wait until our clients are here at our Bristol Bay lodge to catch them of course.