Final Report: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

The bears grew bigger. The wolves became more visible. The fox became more acclimated to humans and comfortable in camp. Frost showed up on the walkways. The darkness stayed longer. We actually got to fish during sunrise. Stars were common. The coho salmon run came, and it went. Summer salmon season on the Alagnak River went out with a bang. The camp is closed up, and everyone who worked here is now scattered across the U.S. in their homes. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, friendships were formed, customers caught a lot of fish, and a greenhorn crew made a season out of it. The 2018 Alaska fly fishing season was a success.


Red Hot Coho Salmon Season

The coho salmon season was red hot until three days before the season’s end. It was tough fishing for a few days on our end of the river as they just didn’t seem to be coming in. Finally, on the last day, a final push came through, and the season ended on a high note. The lodge was full. The Fujimoto family was there. The Corrados joined us. Chad hosted Roger, Steve, Greg, and Matt. Roger slept on the job.

I had Dave and Deb Wolf and Bill Shaler. Everyone had a wonderful time on the water.


Until Next Summer

The Alaska fly fishing lodge now sits empty. The boats and dock are stacked up on dry land. The salmon have spawned. Nature is taking its course. For now, we sit here in our homes and dream of simpler times in wide-open wild places and count down the days until next summer when we can head back up and make more dreams come true.

Alaska Fly Fishing Adventures

It was a pleasure hosting so many wonderful guests this year. The staff would like to thank everyone who came to make memories with us. We hope to see you again!

Check out this excellent video filmed by Steve Wood and Steve Porchet this season.

It was a pleasure and a joy spending time with all of you. Thank you again. Look forward to next year!