Week 5: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

Busy Busy Busy! At this point in the season, everyone has seen one of the wolves at least once. To see a wolf in the wild is a pretty incredible experience for most of us. We all have more than one close-call bear story to tell. The bald eagles are flying over in full force with nesting materials. Bacon, the camp porcupine, is regularly sighted as we have its schedule figured out. The fox that lives here seems unphased to suddenly be sharing its home with a whole bunch of humans. The blueberries on the tundra are ripe, and we are making trips out regularly on our sessions or days off to harvest them. The beaver huts grow and grow. Otters are routinely seen in high numbers. Fishing in Alaska has its perks!

King Salmon Season Concludes

King salmon season is officially over as of midnight on July 31. Before that, a few kings were caught by those who targeted them faithfully. Chum salmon are still here in high numbers. Sockeye salmon are still seen swimming in the river. The first of the pink and coho salmon are being caught in good numbers on the lower Alagnak River by our clients.

A Huge Bang!

Bill, Ted, Mark, and George ended their trip with a huge bang. George took to the fly like an old pro. Ted and Bill got their double for Bill’s birthday. Bud caught his share of fish, and Rachel got her fill of photography. Mark spent his time between fishing and photography, and we were sorry to see all of them go. They were a great group, and we enjoyed their company immensely.

The Hyatt family overlapped them. With three kids under 18 and four adults, they kept the guides and the fish busy. The Hyatt family caught many king and chum salmon. Ken, Trey, Jonathon, Kenny, Ramsay, and Raiford, we hope to see you back!

The Art of a Spinning Rod

Tammy spent some time guiding Ken and his two young sons, of 10 and 13, on the river. The family had come two years ago for the king salmon run, and while hoping for silver salmon this time around. Instead, the boys learned how to use a spinning rod and caught their fair share of chum and pink salmon. They both left with plenty of new knowledge. The kids caught way more fish than their dad. Way to go boys!

Blueberry Picking

Jamie spent a lot of time with Bruce and Karen, who came for a short stay. They were every bit as interested in the adventuring available as they were the fishing in Alaska. Bruce even joined Jamie and Tammy for an afternoon session of blueberry picking on the big bluff overlooking the lodge.

Today marks the day that Chase and Bob leave after a short stay. They are on their way to a wedding in Anchorage. They caught several fish and were pleased with their stay. Somehow there were no photos taken of them.

Bear Sightings

Alan and his son Connor have been here for several days. At first, Connor thought he had some natural animal repellant as he was the only one to have not seen any of the wildlife, but as of now, he is done with bear sightings after being run out of a fishing spot by a bear. By now, he’s seen all of the animals we have to look at. His dad Alan had a great run on king salmon on the last week of the season.

Fishing in Alaska

Next up: the coho run! Everyone is looking forward to the first giant wave of silver salmon to come through. We’ve been catching small numbers of silvers and pink salmon, but it should open up on a tide very soon. It should be any day now. Catch you next week!

***Photos courtesy of all of our guides: Chad, Glenn, Jamie, John, and Tammy, Mark, and our guests***