Who -What – Why – Where – When – How

Who should come:

  • Freshwater fishermen
  • Adventurer travelers and Eco Tourist wanting a wilderness experience
  • Multi generation families
  • Business groups
  • Anyone wanting a true wilderness fishing experience

Who should not come:

  • Those who needs a shopping mall or lots of creature comforts.
  • Fisherman who want to fish Salt waters and catch salt water fish.
  • Hikers, runners of those who need to strike out on their own.
  • Those who want to take home more than 50# of fish per person.

What- The Alagnak lodge consists of a main building for guest use plus several auxiliary buildings for staff housing and support functions.  We utilize ten guided 18” welded aluminum flat bottom boats with 40 HP 4 stroke Yamaha motors.  We consider 20 guests to be full capacity.

Why you should come: You will be able to spend most of your time with a line in the water fishing.  The best fishing is centered on the lodge so we do not waste time running to the fishing.  The river is lightly regulated so we are always allowed to catch fish but we may kill fish only in limited quantities.

Where: The Alagnak River is one of the few truly pristine wilderness rivers as well as one of the very few that has good runs of all five species of pacific salmon. We sit on the tidal waters so almost every tide brings to us a fresh batch of salmon to catch.  This is the premier location in the world to catch pacific salmon.

When: You need to decide which species of salmon you desire to catch then come when they are available.

How: There is no road access and fly in operations are just not on the river long enough to be effective. To fish the Alagnak effectively you need to book at one of the lodges on the river.  Each has a distinct quality and location.  We truly believe the Alagnak Lodge has the best fresh water fishing location and offers the best value for fishing in Alaska.