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What Guests Have Said 2018-04-24T23:08:24+00:00

What Guests Have Said

Concerning Overall Experience

“Thoroughly enjoyed it.  We will talk about this trip for the rest of our lives.”

Chris F , Australia 8/7/16

“Great location & a really special group that run / work it.”

Sarah H, FL 8/21/16

“Food was excellent.  Always on time!  Always appreciate Wayne’s smoking skills for our salmon.  Sheldon’s personality is very enjoyable!  Dana is very helpful and fun!”

Robert & Cleo E, ND 7/19/17

“Great family style atmosphere.”

Derk O, Norway 7/5/16

“Awesome family experience, awesome fishing.  Completely exceeded our expectations for the lodge, people and fishing.”

Ken B, NV 7/5/16

“The lodge was very comfortable.  Met all my needs and lacked nothing.”

Bill P, CA 7/19/17

Concerning Staff

“Brett was truly the best fishing guide we have ever had.  We had a wonderful experience here in Alaska and I can attribute much to him.  His knowledge and experience made our fishing enjoyable.  I was happy with each of our outings to fish even if we didn’t catch anything.  He made fishing all about the experience.  Even though I can be a bit afraid in a boat, I felt safe with Brett.”

Elaine S, TX 7/24/16

“Jason did a great job!  He was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  He did everything possible to make sure we had the best trip possible.”

Trent & Kelly B, ID 7/14/17

“Dana is awesome.  Nicely folded laundry every morning.”

Aretina T, OH 7/25/16

“Ace is a good fisherman.  Instructed my grandson patiently in fly techniques.”

Steve R, NC 7/27/17

“Our guide, Chad, was truly superlative.  He put us on fish immediately and consistently.  Time and time again he went the extra mile to accommodate our requests for new Alaska fishing experiences.”

Bill Z, CA 8/13/16

“Lodge staff was great, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.”

Curt R, MA 8/18/16

“Logan is very knowledgeable for a first season guide. He tried very hard to get us into the fish that we wanted.”

David H , England 7/18/17

“Chad was fantastic!  Easy to get along with.  Shared information.  Tied on his flies which were great for salmon.  He got us into fish right away and we had many doubles.  Very attentive to release fish, untangle knots, change (very few) flies, etc. …”

Tim A, CA 8/12/16

Concerning  Food

“Food was fine and prepared very well.  Baked goods were excellent.”

Curt R, MA 8/18/16

“Excellent food, and plenty of it.”

Derk O, Norway 7/5/16

“Superb food and drink at all times.  Going home heavier than when I arrived!!”

Ken W , England 7/18/17

“Brooks Falls – Very fun walk.  Fishing was not great, but bear viewing was spectacular.”

Ray P, CA 8/17/16

“Contract creek is a fantastic adventure with wonderful fishing.”

Dick P , ND 7/19/17

“Excellent food.  The biscuits and brownies were a little too good.”

Chris F, Australia 8/7/16

“Thank you for all the great vegetarian food – Great job!”

Terri Y, ID 7/14/17

“Contact Creek, I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Joseph Z, OH 8/5/16

“Brooks falls was an excellent experience!!”

Guillermo C, Argentina 7/30/16

Concerning Fishing

“Out of 14 sessions of fishing, 12 were fantastic, 1 was good and 1 a little slow.  Countless chums and pinks and a fun amount of silvers to take home.  So many grabs and LDRs on lots of other fish.”

Tim A, CA 8/12/16

“From Ace I learned a lot about fishing, reading the river and handling various fishing rods and habits of fish.”  

William P, HI 7/19/17

“Great fishing.  Chad did a great job as our guide.  Our entire group caught our limit.”

J. Michael, CT 7/9/17

“In a tough period, Jason and the other guides kept working hard and made it a good trip.”

Alfredo R, FL – 7/20/17