What Guests Have Said

Concerning Overall Experience

“Location is awesome, accommodations very good, beds comfortable.  Would like to return with my wife and in two years when my other son turns 40.”

Greg C, WA 8/30/18

“The place, though rustic, had everything I needed to sleep well, fish all day and then clean myself up after a long day of fishing.”

Mark J, CA 7/28/18

“Honestly, I am not sure it can get much better. I had a great time and would love to come back some time!”

Keegan N, WA 8/12/18

“Big bonus here is option for 2 of 3 sessions each day.  This allows adaptability to tides and weather.”

Mike B, PA 8/23/18

“Meals are very delicious.  The lodge is very home like and the equipment worked very well.”

Jaxon K, UT 8/7/18

“My son and I have been talking about this trip for 10 years.  It met more than any of our expectations and will leave some wonderful memories.”

Alan S, TX 8/4/18

Concerning Staff

“Everyone was absolutely fantastic.  Some of the best fishing guides I’ve ever had.”

Bill S, CA 7/27/18

“All the guides we fished with were excellent.  The kitchen staff, guides and everyone else were awesome.”

Mark J, CA 7/28/18

“We are novice fly fishers and really had a great time.  Glenn really helped us improve our fly fishing skills and put us onto some fish.”

Chase K, WA 7/30/18

“My guide did an excellent job with my boys aged 13 & 10.  They became excellent anglers and are looking forward to their next trip to the Alagnak Lodge.”

Ken B, NV 8/1/18

“Our guides were great with finding the fish and keeping spirits high.  We shared lots of laughs and fun memories.”

Conner S, TX 8/4/18

“Very good guides.  Both Chad and Glenn were topnotch and helpful.  I would use them again.”

Matthew D, CA 8/31/18

“Jamie is a professional. He knows his subject, took time to learn this area, is patient when teaching new skills, is full of good ideas and treats people with respect.”

Karen J, AZ 7/31/18

“Glenn was an excellent guide, very helpful; lots of casting coaching.”

Bob K, WI 8/2/18

Concerning  Food

“The cook and food prep staff are awesome and make you feel spoiled every time you return with either snacks or the very beautiful wonderful presentation of the food they have prepared for lunch or dinner.”

Domonic S, Ut 8/10/18

“Food is great.”

Dan W, AK 7/21/18

“The two chefs, Daniel and Barry, surprised with a wide variety of meals (excellent job!).”

Thorsten S, Germany 7/10/18

“Thank you for all the great vegetarian food – Great job!”

Terri Y, ID 7/14/17

Concerning Fishing

“The fishing was outstanding, catching 25-30 salmon a day.  It got to the point where I pinched all my barbs and actually tried to shake them off after I fought them for a while so we didn’t have to handle them.”

Bill F, Co 8/20/18

“Had an awesome time with chums.  The guides were great with the kids?  Can’t say enough good things about that.”  

Radford T, NC 7/29/18

“Incredible fishing.  Our guide put us on a ton of fish and it was a great experience.”

Ben G, OR 8/8/18

“All we did was catch fish the whole time.”

Doug K, UT 8/7/18