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WHAT’S GOING ON AT ALAGNAK2018-04-24T23:26:28+00:00

What’s Going on at Alagnak

Alaska Fishing Reports

2003, 2019
  • king salmon lodging

August’s Glorious Silver Salmon Run on the Alagnak River

Very few fishing seasons rival August’s magnificent silver salmon run on the serene, secluded Alagnak River, which remains one of the last remaining hidden gems here in The Last Frontier. Nestled along the meandering Alagnak River, 25 miles straight north of King Salmon, Alaska, rests Alagnak Lodge, a world-class fishing getaway.

1610, 2018
  • Bristol Bay Alaska

2018 Alagnak Lodge Season Summary

This year the Alagnak Lodge, near Bristol Bay, Alaska, fluidly transitioned to a brand new staff and implemented innovative approaches to improve the client experience at the lodge. We started by hiring experienced guides who are all superbly skilled and passionate anglers from all across the United States.

110, 2018
  • alagnak river 414

Salmon Fishing Adventures at Alagnak Lodge

Deep in the Alaskan wilderness on the Alagnak River there rests a serene fishing lodge where anglers from across the globe convene for what qualifies as a trip of a lifetime but is often experienced annually. Accessible only by seaplane, Alagnak Lodge provides a genuinely unique salmon fishing experience and a rare opportunity to relax and unplug in the Last Frontier with friends, new and old.

1509, 2018
  • alaska fly fishing

Final Report: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

The coho salmon run came, and it went. Summer salmon season on the Alagnak River went out with a bang. The camp is closed up, and everyone who worked here is now scattered across the U.S. in their homes. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, friendships were formed, customers caught a lot of fish, and a greenhorn crew made a season out of it. The 2018 Alaska fly fishing season was a success.

1808, 2018
  • alaska fly fishing lodges

Weeks 6 and 7: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

t's been a very busy couple weeks at Alagnak Lodge, one of the premier Alaska fly fishing lodges. There was a typhoon, dolphin, and sunsets that lasted for hours. We even saw a sunrise. Bears are everywhere. The zombie chum salmon run has begun as the spawned-out chums are making their way back downstream, dying while we still occasionally catch bright chrome chums loaded with sea lice, which is why we have so many bears.

308, 2018
  • fishing in alaska

Week 5: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

Busy Busy Busy! At this point in the season, everyone has seen one of the wolves at least once. To see a wolf in the wild is a pretty incredible experience for most of us. We all have more than one close-call bear story to tell. The bald eagles are flying over in full force with nesting materials. Bacon, the camp porcupine, is regularly sighted as we have its schedule figured out.

2607, 2018
  • bristol bay fishing

Week 4: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

The weather is now as unpredictable as the bears here at our Bristol Bay fishing lodge. We have rainy days, sunny days, windy days, and sometimes all three of those at once. We have bears swimming up to boats, bears hunting alongside the river where we are fishing, bears walking through camp, and bears mostly just being bears. Guests keep coming, and the guests keep going.

1907, 2018
  • alaska fishing

Week 3: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

There were days that the whole gang lined a bank and fished together. Old friends and strangers alike with fishing as the common denominator. It was sad to see everyone go. As is lodge life, though, when one plane leaves, there’s another plane landing at the dock with brand new guests and brand new Alaska fishing adventures waiting.

1207, 2018
  • alaska fishing trips

Week 2: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

The loons call back and forth across the river. The gulls call. There are no sounds of traffic, no honking horns, no loud music, and no commercials blaring from televisions. The only sounds are the soft hum of the generator, the occasional seaplane flying over, and boats going up and down the river with the sporadic scream of an excited angler who has hooked into another fish of a lifetime.

507, 2018
  • salmon fishing in alaska

Week 1: Alagnak Lodge, Summer 2018

Wednesday also brought the biggest king salmon of the lodge to date this season as well as the first king salmon on-fly. The largest king salmon of the week came in on Tammy’s boat, weighing 25 pounds, while the first caught on-fly came from our latest guest Thorsten from Germany, guided by Glen.

1206, 2018

King Salmon at the Alagnak Lodge

In Southeast Alaska, long famous for its king salmon fishing, in 2018, the Fishery Board and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, are imposing severe and justified restrictions. These restrictions are a bit complex, but basically, you will be allowed to retain only one king salmon during the year. You will also be restricted in other ways, but you can still catch kings all day long at the Alagnak Lodge, one of the premier Alaska fishing lodges!

712, 2017
  • bristol bay alaska

2017 Winter Update

All that's happing at the lodge is cold fronts, heavy snowfall, and frigid temperatures! This isn't really a time when guests want to be at Alagnak Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska. The only visitors right now are wild game and locals as they transit on their vehicles.

2906, 2015
  • bristol bay lodge

Alagnak Lodge Is Ready for Our First Guests

On June 5 our set-up crew arrived to assess the situation and set up at our Bristol Bay lodge for the upcoming fishing season. Fortunately, there was no significant damage to the property, but many time-consuming problems were resulting from an improper shutdown the previous fall. The new crew did a fantastic job of working through the issues and soon had all the major systems functioning.