The Alagnak Lodge is where the pristine Alagnak River cold water watershed flows into Bristol Bay.  

Where the fish come to you.

Here on the tidal waters of the Alagnak River, we've built a truely unique Alaskan fishing lodge.  Enjoy the luxury of experiencing a true wilderness experience while having our staff do all the work for you, leaving you free to enjoy the experience.  

All salmon returning to their Alagnak River home waters for spawning pass by our lodge.  Usually the best fishing is close to the lodge, so you can spend more time with your line in the water rather than traveling to the fish.

Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge Map
Watershed of Alagnak River

Pristine Wilderness Watershed!

Greet the salmon as they transition from the saltwater of Bristol Bay to the freshwater of the Alagnak River.  Our entire watershed remains an undeveloped wilderness.  It has not yet been degraded by global warming or damaged by catastrophic events as have so many cold-water watersheds.  It has remained highly resilient as have our fish populations and wildlife.  

It is all about you!

Our entire lodge program, from the time you make your reservations to your departure from the lodge, is designed to meet the needs and desires of our clients.  We offer a lot of flexibility to ensure you are receiving and enjoying exactly what you want.  We try to anticipate your desires,  and we listen to you and respond to your suggestions. This is your trip and we want to maximize your enjoyment.

Derek 35# King Chinook

"If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago." 

Zane Grey


Are you seeking this unique combination of attributes?

If so, we are the Bristol Bay wilderness fishing lodge for you!


Here is where the fish ride in on the tides to spawn upstream. They all pass by our lodge. Spend your time with your line in the water rather than traveling to the fish.

A true wilderness

The entire Alagnak River watershed is protected as an unspoiled wilderness.  It has never been degredated and is truely pristine for its entire length.

Wild Fish

Our salmon are genetically pure. There are no farmed or hatchery fish in the watershed.  Only the best make it back to their native river to spawn.


The varied and plentiful wildlife share our grounds, river and watershed.  See them safely up close and personal in their natural environment

Limited Access

The Alagnak River is realistically accessible only by float plane. There are relatively few fishermen.  This feels like the wilderness it is.  Fish our evening session and feel alone on  the river. 


Clean and comfortable with everything you need all in the main lodge building. Here you will feel "at home".  Enjoy the wilderness with us doing the work and you enjoying the experience.


High quality ingredients are expertly prepared by our kitchen staff in a fully equipped kitchen meeting all health standards. The service is buffet style, so you get as much or as little as you want. 



Our Starlink  commercial priority connection has proven to be fast and reliable.  Clients and staff alike now enjoy the full use of their smart phones using the free wifi internet connection.

Flexible schedule

We offer a flexible daily schedule, including evening fishing.  Schedule your fishing and relaxation times as you desire. Meals are scheduled for an hour and fishing sessions are 4.5 hours each.  



Our guides work as a team to share information and satisfy all clients. They are consistently highly rated by our clients.  With only two clients per guide, you get personalized attention and all the support you desire.

Fishing gear 

Bring you own or use our waders, boots, rods, reels and all terminal tackle. Travel light. Try out new fishing equipment and techniques.


We custom designed our 18 ft heavy gage aluminum boats to keep you safe and comfortable.  We use both prop and jet motors to access all the waters in the lower river and the braids when appropriate.

Bear sitting in fireweed

Begin your perfect fishing lodge adventure.

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