Travel Tips

Getting to the lodge and what to bring

Plane reservations

  • To get to the lodge, you will need to travel to Anchorage, Alaska, (ANC) and then to southwest Alaska’s regional airport in the town of King Salmon (AKN). There are no direct flights from outside Alaska directly to King Salmon. The ANC to AKN flight takes about 1 hour and the cost of each leg varies from $200 to $250.
  • Alaska Airlines and its subsidiary, Horizon Air will offer a mid-morning flight using a 76 passenger E-175 and a mid-afternoon flight using a 124 passenger 737-700. Each flight takes about an hour and is on the ground in AKN for 1 hour for the turnaround.
    • The morning flight leaves ANC at 9:45, leaves AKN at 11:45, and arrives back at ANC at about 12:45. The afternoon flight departs ANC at 14:30, leaves AKN at 16:30, and arrives back at ANC at about 17:30.
  • For July and up until August 15, 2021, there is an additional flight and slightly different hours on Saturday and Sunday only.  The weekday flights remain as shown above. You may be delayed in King Salmon if you use that first flight on Saturday or Sunday.  

  • Once you arrive at the AKN airport and until you are returned to the AKN airport for your return to ANC, you are covered by our package pricing.  You will be met at the airport by our flying service, Branch River Air.  More on this below.

Same day flights to the lodge

At times we can accommodate a client arrival the day before fishing commences.

  • We must first have rooms available for this purpose.
  • The client must arrive at the AKN airport on the afternoon Alaska Air flights.
  • $175 is the charge for this service and it includes lodging plus supper and breakfast.
  • This early arrival program is offered to allow clients to limit their travel to one day and avoid an overnight stopover in Anchorage or King Salmon. It also helps avoid weather and floatplane delays.

Hotel Reservations

  • Overnight accommodations in King Salmon and Naknek are limited. An overnight stay in Anchorage is often the better choice.
  • We do not recommend a specific hotel; we recommend an internet search to find the best value hotel with a shuttle service.

Branch River Air

  • Once you arrive at the King Salmon airport you will be met by our flying service, Branch River Air (BRA)  (907-246-3437).
  • They usually allow you to make quick purchases at the local general store, then drive you to the BRA river office and dock.
  • Once all the incoming passengers are assembled and a floatplane is available, you will be flown 25 miles north to the Alagnak Lodge dock.
  • The flight time is about 25 minutes in the air plus the time to taxi on the water at both ends.
Beaver controls over lodge

Phone - Internet - Wi-Fi

  • The lodge has two mobile phone lines for incoming and outgoing calls for use by the clients and staff. The numbers are 907-287-1265 and 907-287-1266. You are free to use our phones for calls of reasonable length.
  • The voice function on your cell phone will not work at the lodge.
  • We have satellite internet service and a wi-fi router for sending and receiving e-mails and limited data.
  • We will be serviced by a new satellite in 2021 and anticipate having improved and reasonably consistent connectivity. 
Tying flys at lodge

Fishing license

  • It is best to go online to the Alaska Fish & Game Online Store and follow the instructions to purchase your fishing license.  Be sure to add on the King stamp if you will be targeting Kings in July.
  • Print out two copies and pack them in different locations.
  • We cannot guide you if you do not have an Alaska fishing license.
  • Licenses can also be purchased at the airport gift shop upon your arrival in AKN or ANC.

Packing list

  • Waterproof hooded jacket suitable for cold and wet conditions
  • Layered clothing
  • Thermal underwear
  • Waders and wading boots (or use ours)
  • Gloves and hat

Keep in mind that we offer free laundry service so you will be able to use clothing multiple times.

  • Insect repellent and sunscreen (or use ours)
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Fishing gear and equipment (or use ours)
  • Medicines
  • Camera and charger
  • Alcohol / tobacco
  • Suitable footwear
  • Fishing License
  • Checks or cash
Tram from dock to plateau

Gear the lodge has available

  • We have a good supply of quality waders and boots in good condition.  We are adding to this inventory every year. We may not have an exact fit, but we should be able to come reasonably close.
  • We usually have sufficient casting, spinning and fly rods and reels to accommodate all clients.
    • Not all boats carry all the various rods and reels at all times.
    • Please let us know in advance through the guest information form the lodge gear you plan to use so the guide can have them available for your use.
    • We try to anticipate the number of rods and reels that will be damaged in the course of the season.  We could be short on some things given the length of time it takes to get replacements.
  • We have a well-stocked fly tying area and a good selection of flies and terminal tackle available for the use of our clients.
  • All this is available for your use at no additional charge

Gear you may want to bring

  • If you have fishing equipment you are comfortable with and fits you correctly, you really should bring it.
  • If there is something you think you really cannot do without, bring it.
  • While our equipment is of good quality, it may not fit your preferences or be your exact size.
  • We are trying to help you avoid the extra fees often imposed by airlines.  Keep that in mind as you select what to bring with you.

Fly Rods, Reels and Lines

The lodge will provide the rods, reels, lines and terminal tackle you need. If you want to bring your own, you should do so. Here is a broad overview of what is appropriate for fly fishing the Alagnak River watershed.


  • Rod: 8-11 weight
  • Reel: High quality with dependable disc drag system, min. 200 yards of 30lb backing
  • Line: 24ft, 300-400 grain sink tip. Shooting head systems are also popular.
  • Spey Rod: 12.5 to 14ft; 8 to 10 weight
  • Spey Reel: Min. 100 yards of 30lb backing
  • Spey Line: Skagit belly line with 300-400 grain sink tip
King chinook breaking water
Humpy pink

Silvers, Chum, Sockeyes, Pinks

  • Rod: 8.5 or 9ft, 7-8-9 weight
  • Reel: Single action with a good drag system
  • Line: Floating lines and 13ft sinking tip Type III lines are most productive
  • Spey Rod: 12.5 to 14ft; 7 - 8 weight
  • Spey Line: Windcutter type line or full floating Skagit line


  • Rod: 8.5 or 9ft, 5-7 weight
  • Reel: Single action with min. 75 yards of 20lb backing
  • Line: 13ft Type V sink tip for streamer, sculpin or leech patterns. Weight forward floater (dry) for dead drifting dry flies and egg patterns, skated dry flies, and deer hair mice.
Leaf with Rainbow on dock
Bright flys displayed on log

Flies & Terminal Tackle

Guides tie and provide their own flies as part of their service to you.  However, many of our guests like to tie and use their own flies.  At the Alagnak Lodge, we maintain a well-stocked fly- tying area available to all at no additional charge. Enjoy the instant gratification of tying a fly then using it catch a great fish.

We use various lures and spinners for the casting and spinning rods. We supply these, but you can always try out some of your own.


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