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The Experience

“The experience we had here went above and beyond my expectation! I would do it again or recommend it to everyone.  Ya all were great!"   Jess A. UT 8/10/21

"Of all the fishing excursions I have been on, I can honestly say that I never felt as welcome as your staff made me feel on this one.”   Tim E. CA 7/08/21

“I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone was! Best fishing trip of my life!”   Marshall J. CA 8/18/21

We really enjoyed our time at the Alagnak Lodge. This was our first trip to Alaska and it definitely lived up to our fishing expectations. I also want to compliment you on the team you assembled at the lodge.  They were professional and very personal with their approach, and they made us feel at home.”   Craig M.  KY 8/15/21

"Big bonus here is option for 2 of 3 sessions each day.  This allows adaptability to tides and weather.”   Mike B, PA 8/23/18

“The lodge staff was fantastic and made this place incredibly comfortable and welcoming.”   Jorden M.  KY 8/15/21


Clients in Buffet line

The Food

"Thanks for being accommodating with the no gluten at meals – easily was full every time."   Lauren B.  CO 7/30/21

“Rico and John are great cooks.  We really enjoyed talking with them.  Great food.”   Brad E.  CA 8/18/21

“The meals provided by Rico were invariably awesome.”     Matt M.  UT 8/28/21

“Great improvements from previous stay.  Housekeeping and cooking staff were wonderful.  Food was excellent.”          Mark O.   UT  8/8/21



Guided fly fishermen at dawn

The Guides and Fishing

Even if guest prices go up a bit, hire the quality of staff you had this year.  Thanks for the great job this year!” Stirling B.  UT 8/10/21

“Quentin did an amazing job.  He really busted his rear to provide a great experience. Top notch.”  Craig M.  KY  8/15/21

"Seriously could not have asked for anything more!  Nick was so friendly and helped in every aspect.  He made the trip for me and my family so amazing! ”  Josh A., UT 8/10/21

“Our guide, Aaron, was outstanding.  We caught more big fish on a fly rod than ever. Really looked forward to fishing with him every day.”  Brad E. CA 8/18/21

“Sam was amazing, very knowledgeable, friendly and made it an amazing experience!”  Andie Y.  UT  8/8/21

Hubs was awesome!  Very knowledgeable and a great guide.”  Thomas L.  CA   8/30/21

“All of the staff were fantastic!  Very friendly and helpful.  They really made our experience above and beyond.”  Jessie A.  UT  8/10/21

“You have a great team there at the lodge and I look forward to coming up again sometime soon.”  Tim E.  CA  7/87/21

Evan was great.  He worked extremely hard and made sure to take care of us.”  Justin D.  VA   8/14/21

“Nick – I couldn’t have asked for a better guide.  He was amazing, kind, helpful and thoughtful.  It made my trip experience great.  He blew my expectation of a guide; he was the best.”  Drake A.  UT  8/10/21

“Aaron was a fantastic guide. He worked hard, tied great flies and knew where the fish were.”  Mike L.  CA   8/17/21

“Preston was extremely knowledgeable, excited to help and always willing to teach.  I spent some time with Evan as well and he was great, helping me learn to fly fish with an abundance of patience.”  Matt M,  UT  8/28/21

“Guides were great.  They were fun to interact with, responsive and helpful..”  Brer S.  WA  7/31/21

Casting from boat


In the Media

Here's what people are writing about the Alagnak Lodge experience.

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