August’s Glorious Silver Salmon Run on the Alagnak River

king salmon lodgingVery few fishing seasons rival August’s magnificent silver salmon run on the serene, secluded Alagnak River, which remains one of the last remaining hidden gems here in The Last Frontier. Nestled along the meandering Alagnak River, 25 miles straight north of King Salmon, Alaska, rests Alagnak Lodge, a world-class fishing getaway. Our beautiful stretch of the Alagnak River welcomes all five species of Pacific salmon, including the ever-popular silver salmon, known to many as “silver bullets” because of their speed, tenacity, and strength. August may seem like a long ways off, but our cozy lodging and guided fishing is well on its way to booking to capacity – the time to act is now!

Silver Salmon Season

Silver salmon typically start to arrive in the Alagnak River during the last week of July, setting up a genuinely thrilling month of freshwater fishing. The peak season lasts approximately five weeks from the beginning of August through early-September. While these fresh-from-the-salt silvers and chums are somewhat smaller in size than king salmon, they remain the best pound-for-pound fighters in Alaska. These Alagnak River silvers are aggressive, acrobatic, and blazing fast – it’s an exhilarating challenge worth accepting time and time again. Most silvers fall between six and 12 pounds, but many anglers will have the opportunity to battle a feisty 18-pounder!

king salmon lodgingThe Unique Experience

Due to our remote location and the fact that silver salmon aren’t typically targeted on the Alagnak River by commercial harvest, they continue to rise in numbers. You’ll unquestionably reach your limit every day, but the one-on-one battles with these dazzling fighters is half the fun. The Alagnak River, unlike many other ultra-popular fishing locales on the Kenai Peninsula, remains a quiet, scenic, and ultimately exciting river. You’ll see far fewer boats while motoring along the meandering Alagnak. We highly recommend embarking on a fly-fishing adventure in search of sizable silvers – every bite is a pulse-pounding battle when you’re fly or spin fishing. You’ll also likely come across beautiful rainbow trout and the tenacious chums during your mid-summer fishing trip.

Riverfront Alagnak River Lodging

king salmon lodgingAfter each half-day session of battling silvers and chums, retreat to your cozy lodging for fine dining, absorbing stories shared among the clients, rest and relaxation, or perhaps tie a few flies for the next fishing session. All twelve of our guest rooms are located in the main lodge, which helps foster lasting relationships with friends new and old. Alagnak Lodge provides anglers with a value-packed, family-friendly freshwater fishing experience. We’re one of the few lodges on the Alagnak River, so you’re guaranteed a week full of world-class salmon fishing, natural beauty, and much-needed tranquility. The wait is nearly over, fellows anglers! To learn more about our cozy lodging and seasonal runs, please give us a call today at 1-808-227-9301.